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The app is available to you within a very short time frame and can be quickly adapted to your wishes and ideas through an easy-to-use backend. Keep your waiting areas clear and customers satisfied by reducing wait times.



Stable and secure servers in your Country ensure smooth operations.



Through a user-friendly interface, you can create and manage your attraction without previous knowledge. You can configure your account as you wish, create queue line positions and manage employee accounts.



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Our team members are big fans of the leisure industry themselves, especially amusement parks with their rides and roller coasters.

So each of us has already spent quite some time in various queue lines. Where, after a few minutes, it can still be quite funny to chat with family & friends, enjoy the elaborately designed waiting areas and thus also increase the anticipation.

However, it can quickly become unpleasant if the waiting time is longer and you get the feeling that things are not really moving forward.

This is where we would like to come into play with AliudQ in order to replace classic waiting in the future or to modify Q-lines, so that they become an entertaining and pleasant experience for your guests.

For some time now we have been playing with the idea of an App-based queuing solution for the leisure industry. Triggered by the current corona crisis, events have taken a turn for the worse in recent weeks for attractions and this has significantly accelerated the development process, because we too are aware that in the near future solutions will become important for operators that support and make hygiene measures and social distancing possible.


In a first step we would like to help the leisure industry to get back on its feet as soon as possible after the closure, due to the current corona crisis and hope that the app will help to open the gates to many parks and attractions again soon.

In addition, our goal is to create alternatives to the previous way of waiting. To this end, we will gradually add functions to the app to make the experience as pleasant as possible for your guests.

But that was only the beginning! AliudQ has set itself ambitious goals in order to further drive the company's growth and revolutionize the leisure industry in the long term.

Stay tuned!


AliudQ is an intelligent and cloud-based system that can monitor data related to queue lines in real time and collect customer feedback.

Our cloud-based software can then analyze this data to accelerate and customize the performance of your employees and queues.

You already have an App for your guests to provide them with necessary information such as park maps, waiting displays, show times and the like?


No problem, because you can also integrate AliudQ into your existing attraction app.




You need an alternative to an app based visitor management?


No problem! We offer different hardware solutions for your attraction. From sensor technology, access control at attractions or events, traffic light systems, turnstile systems and scanners, we offer you the right equipment.

You can use the system completely independent from our software, get an integration to the backend or use combined solutions of hard- and software. This provides you with real-time data on visitor movements within your attraction and the respective waiting areas and allows to customize them.

We will be happy to advise you which solution best suits your type and size of attraction!




Active for 10 years as management consultant, business analyst, in methodical consulting on (S-)BPM, process automation with workflow tools & BPM suites, solution design & integration, as trainer, and as software developer.

Together we founded our company CV Entertainment in 2017 and bring years of experience in the leisure industry, including working with amusement parks, museums, zoos and other leisure facilities. Together with our clients, we work out concepts, develop storylines, build props and special effects and offer numerous interactive solutions to enhance attractions.


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